Patient Resources

Why choose Hartford HealthCare Medical Group to participate in your care?

As one of the largest private surgical group practices in New England, you have the knowledge, skills, resources and teamwork of over 30 physicians in eight specialties available to address your health care needs. When you require specialized care for your health care concerns, we believe that it is important for you to make an informed choice about the surgeon that will participate in your care.

When you compare the physicians of Hartford HealthCare Medical Group against others, we believe we distinguish ourselves in the following areas:
  • Access
  • Experience
  • Depth and Breadth of Surgical Services
  • Outcomes
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Participation in Teaching and Research
  • Sharing of information so you can participate in the management of your health.
Inform yourself and exercise your ability to choose. We believe that Hartford HealthCare Medical Group is the Surgical Option of Choice.

As a patient how will this make a difference for me?
  • As a multi-specialty surgical group, you can expect that our physicians and staff will work together to diagnose and develop treatment plans that address your needs.
  • Hartford HealthCare Medical Group physicians are all Board Certified/Board Eligible - a reflection of our commitment to the highest quality surgical care.
  • Hartford HealthCare Medical Group promotes a culture of innovation that expects and encourages continuous learning about new procedures and techniques that can be made available to you. As a result, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group is a leader in the development of procedures such as: Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures and Stent Grafts for Abdominal/Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms.
  • We will partner with you, your family and primary care physician, to coordinate and manage your health concerns. You will have access to the health care information you need when you need it. We have made significant investments to insure that your phone calls will be answered in a timely fashion, appointments will be available to you and your primary care physician when you need it, information about the management of your health concerns will be available when you need it and, if surgery is necessary, communication with you, your family and primary care physician about the outcome will occur in a timely way.
  • We are accessible through locations throughout the Greater Hartford area - where you will find the same high standard of care close to home.
  • We actively participate in the teaching of Medical Students, Medical Residents and Fellows through UCONN and Hartford Hospital to insure that the most advanced and up-to-date surgical knowledge is available for you.
  • Hartford HealthCare Medical Group is a private group practice, owned and governed by physicians. The care and service you receive from our physicians are our highest priority and the reasons why our organization exists.