Referrals and Authorizations
At the Hartford HealthCare Medical Group, we are committed to providing you with timely access to the physician of your choice within our group.

As a result, we work collaboratively with your physician's office and your insurance plan to ensure that all of the requirements for referral authorization are met by the time of your visit. If a procedure or a surgery is needed as a result, we work collaboratively with your physician's office and your insurance plan to insure that all of the requirements for referral authorization are met by the time of your visit, and we will continue to provide you with the same high level of service by working with your primary care physician so that your pre-admission tests and any pre-certification of your admission required by your insurance plan is completed by the beginning of your hospital stay.

At the Hartford HealthCare Medical Group, our primary interest is making the resources of our organization available to you, when you need them, to meet your heath care needs. We will make every effort to work with you, your primary care physician and your insurance plan to insure this goal is obtained.

Your Health Plan Benefits
We believe that it is important for you to understand the extent of your health insurance coverage and the responsibilities you have as part of that coverage. Many plans include co-payment and deductible requirements and have limitations on how you can access the specialty care services you may sometimes need.

We encourage you to review your coverage prior to a visit with the Hartford HealthCare Medical Group. For your convenience, we provide a list of insurance carriers and their contact information, including website links and toll-free numbers. Their number is also usually listed on your insurance card and in their member handbooks.

We do ask that you and your dependents bring your health insurance ID cards with you to any visit with Hartford HealthCare Medical Group. This will help us to insure that you receive the coverage you are entitled to.

We are required by our participation in insurance plans to collect co-payments at time of service. At no time are we allowed by our agreements to waive any portion of this requirement except for financial hardship. Such waiver would require notification to the insurance plan. For your convenience we accept cash, checks and debit and credit cards.

If you have questions regarding your bill, please contact the number on your statement.

Insurance Plans With Which Hartford HealthCare Medical Group Participates:
Hartford HealthCare Medical Group accepts most insurances. All providers accept: Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Connecticare, Health New England, Medicare, Multiplan, New England health Direct, United Health Care, and Wellcare. Most of our specialists accept Tricare.

We participate in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans, but please call to confirm that the provider is participating. Some providers have closed panels and are not accepting new patients.

For more detailed information, please call the office to confirm if your insurance plan is accepted.
Non Participating Insurance Plans:
For patients with insurance plans that Hartford HealthCare Medical Group does not participate with, financial arrangements must be agreed upon prior to any visit or payment in full is expected at time of service. Failure to adhere to this policy can result in cancellation of a scheduled visit.